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We all have moments where we feel exhausted (assuming we are giving our best). At times, this might lead to burnout. It’s possible to feel intense anxiety during these moments due to that sense of feeling unable to do our duties well.

One of the ways you can deal with these moments is to design a beautiful day for yourself. Now, let me be clear; designing a beautiful day doesn’t have to come from a place of negative experiences. You can design a beautiful day as a reward for working hard or simply to increase positive emotions in your life. Positive emotions are important because the more you accumulate them, the stronger you become when facing distressing moments.

So, how do you go about designing a beautiful day?

Step One: Think about what a beautiful day means to you. What kind of activity would you love to do? What have you been dreaming and planning to do but have never done or even tried? Are there some things you used to enjoy doing and you haven’t had a chance to do them recently?

Note those activities.

Step two: Ask yourself, what you been saying YES to so much that so that you have said NO to having a beautiful day? Do those things you have said YES to matter? Would those things be done better, if they matter at all, if you showed up energetic and fresh?

Step Three: Design a day that is unique to you. It doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. What time will you wake up? What kind of breakfast would you like to have? Will you work out? Do some meditation? Write a journal? What will you do after that? Go for a walk? Swimming? Reading? Watch a movie? Go for an activity you have always wanted to do but never got to? What time will you have lunch? What will you have? Will you have a siesta after lunch? What will you do after lunch? Relax? Call friends and family? What time will you have dinner? What will you do after dinner?

Some suggestions: It is better to really structure your day. If not, you will end up lazing away or doing one activity at the expense of all the others you had planned to do. A structure won’t make it difficult to do. Some other questions you want to ask are: Will you spend the beautiful day by yourself or with a loved one? Will you spend it at home or at a hotel or some special place?

Step four: Pick a day in the near future, put it on your calendar, and do it! No more postponing.

You might want to consider on this day whether how you live your everyday life is congruent with your desire and values. Is it possible to adjust? Why not? Is the lack of adjusting worth it? Are your concerns (e.g, what will people say?) really useful?

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